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Another Crypto-Friendly U.S. Presidential Candidate?

Another Crypto-Friendly U.S. Presidential Candidate?

Another Crypto-Friendly U.S. Presidential Candidate -

Howard Schultz, a former CEO of Starbucks, has announced that he considers running for U.S. the presidential office. As it turns out, Schultz is also a supporter of the cryptocurrency industry.

A few days ago, we informed you that John McAfee is running for president. The controversial cryptocurrency millionaire has already started his campaign. Now, we’ve found out that another crypto enthusiast may also be running for this post.

Not ‘hamberders’ but coffee

On Sunday, Howard Schultz launched his Twitter account. A few hours later, he said that he thought of running for President of the United States (POTUS).

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Schultz is an American businessman and politician. He joined Starbucks in 1982. Four years later, he became the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Howard Schultz was the CEO from 1986-2000 and again from 2008-2017. From 2017-2018 he was the executive chairman. Now, Schultz is a Starbucks’ chairman emeritus. He is also the former owner of Seattle SuperSonics, a non-existent NBA basketball team (the franchise moved to Oklahoma City in 2008).

An independent candidate

Schultz has revealed how he would run. He said:

“If I do run, I will run as an independent [candidate]. Now the world independent is just a designation on the ballot. If I run for president, I will run as an American under one banner, the American flag.”

The former CEO of Starbucks thinks that the U.S. political system is broken and both parties are not representing the majority of American people. In the next few months, Schultz will be traveling through the country and speaking to American citizens.

Potential in blockchain and cryptocurrency

A year ago, Howard Schultz discussed cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Then, he said that there were going to be a few legitimate digital coins created. However, he thought that Bitcoin wasn’t one of them. He didn’t believe that Bitcoin could become a real, widely-used currency.

Nevertheless, he said that he sees potential in blockchain and the online ledger technology. “I’m talking about the possibility of what could happen – not in the near term, but in a few years from now – with a consumer application in which there are trust and legitimacy with regard to digital currency,” he said.

The presidential elections are still over 1.5 years ahead of us. As of today, there are two potential U.S. presidential candidates supporting cryptocurrency: John Mcafee and Howard Schultz. Now, we are waiting for crypto-friendly candidates from Democrats and Republicans, two biggest parties in the American country.

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