Binance Lets Users Buy Crypto With Credit Card

Binance Lets Users Buy Crypto With Credit Card

Binance Lets Users Buy Crypto With Credit Card -

Binance, the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange, introduces an important service improvement. From now on, the users of Binance will be able to buy Bitcoins and other cryptos via credit card directly on the platform.

The purchase of virtual assets

Buying crypto via credit card is something that makes the lives of traders a lot easier. Being able to transfer your fiat funds directly into a virtual asset is very useful. But this service is still not widely available and quite expensive. Only the best platforms allow to buy cryptocurrency with credit card, while offering low fees.

New feature

Binance exchange, the biggest by daily trading volume, decided to meet its trader’s expectations and introduce a new feature. It will enable their users to buy cryptocurrencies via credit cards directly on the platform. The improvement was dedicated to the recently presented plan for Binance to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the society. This solution will make starting the adventure with crypto noticeably easier.

Recently, in an interview during the Binance Blockchain Week, the company’s CEO Changpeng Zhao highlighted the importance of supporting and developing the solutions that allow fiat-to-crypto transactions.

Fiat trend

Two weeks ago, Binance announced the launch of the new branch platform, Binance Jersey. It also focuses on fiat-to-crypto transactions. It allows to trade virtual assets for Euro and British Pound. It seems like Binance is really targeting a new audience by introducing the fiat direct exchanging. We shall see if solutions like these really work for Binance and if so, how quickly other exchanges will follow the lead.

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