Bitcoin In Exchange For 9/11 Attacks Secrets?

Bitcoin In Exchange For 9/11 Attacks Secrets?

A hacking group threatens to reveal highly secretive government documents concerning the 9/11 terrorist attacks. On New Year’s Eve, The Dark Overlord collective announced the ultimatum online.

Bad crypto?

Cryptocurrencies have been connected to the criminal world basically since the very start. Sometimes the accusations were rightful and other times, completely fake. This time around, however, there is no place for a misunderstanding. Unfortunately, a group of online hackers known as The Dark Overlord has struck again. They are already known for their attack on Netflix in 2017 and other crimes.

9/11 documents

On December 31, just as the old year was coming to an end, the users of Pastebin noticed something highly alarming. The group of hackers known as The Dark Overlord announced in a post that they were able to hack into the governmental database and steal 10GB of encrypted, confidential information concerning the 9/11 attacks. Now, they are asking for a digital money transfer in exchange for not leaking the report out to the Internet. The message is designated for the companies directly connected to the 9/11 investigation such as the airlines, FBI, the solicitor firms involved in the litigation and many other government agencies. Threats like that are not that uncommon – government entities pose a surprisingly easy target for blackmailing.

Why are they doing it?

The post is long and descriptive, and the language very strong. It’s actually a very well-prepared, excellently written manifesto. The hackers describe what kind of documents they are in possession of. They also mention that they have had them for a while now, and already approached one company to make a blackmailing deal. The company paid the ransom but also informed the law enforcement agencies, which was seen by the hackers as the breach of contract. That’s why they decided to make a public statement attaching some exemplary files to back their story up.

Their only reason is said to be crypto money. They expect a cryptocurrency transfer (specifically bitcoin) in order to prevent the data leakage. The exact amount has not been determined, though. The hackers assure their act has nothing to do with politics, they only care about the ransom.

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