Buy Coke. Pay With Bitcoin.

Buy Coke. Pay With Bitcoin.


An innovation for crypto maniacs out there was presented a few days ago by a technician and cryptocurrency enthusiast, Ricardo Reis. It’s a Coca-Cola vending machine that accepts Bitcoin.

Refreshing breeze of innovation

Exciting inventions in the crypto world usually are associated with interesting blockchain solutions, launches of networks, virtual wallet features or payment apps. New products are presented to the public during international conventions and conferences, like Cryptocurrency World Expo or Ripple’s Swell Conference. But this time, the rumor has it that the newest crypto invention will become a fun gadget rather than a worldwide sensation.

Crypto coke

The invention was presented by its creator on his YouTube and Twitter accounts on September the 30th. A 42-second video, that has already been viewed over 9 thousand times, features a gadget allowing to pour a nice and cold glass of coke in exchange for a Bitcoin transfer. It operates on the lightning network to identify when a crypto payment is made, so it can proceed to work. All you have to do to receive a glass of chilled beverage is scan a QR code in your phone or tablet. The vending machine automatically receives and authorizes the Bitcoin payment, dispensing coke in return, in just a few seconds. Even though it’s just a prototype, it has already aroused interest in the crypto world.

Drawbacks and future perspectives

Lightning Network is a cryptocurrency (mostly Bitcoin) payment protocol that was initially presented in 2015. It enables its users to make fast transactions and micropayments. Usually, it’s inefficient to use cryptocurrency in such tiny purchases but a Coca-Cola vending machine is quite a gadget for all crypto maniacs. Moreover, most modern vending machines are already network enabled to remotely monitor stock and make virtual payments possible. So maybe it soon will become universally possible to buy a soda with our crypto savings.


Image by Tetiana Shumbasova


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