CEO Of FuturoCoin OU: Cryptocurrencies Are The Future

CEO Of FuturoCoin OU: Cryptocurrencies Are The Future

CEO Of FuturoCoin Cryptocurrencies Are The Future -

During the FuturoCoin Conference we had the opportunity to talk with Paulina Woźniak, the CEO of FuturoCoin OU. What does she think about the future of cryptocurrencies? How important is the deal with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing? What will happen with FTO? Paulina Woźniak had many interesting takes on various topics.

Dawid Paluch: We’re here because FuturoCoin has been around for a year now and the currency has become the official sponsor of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Formula 1 team. What stands behind the FTO success?

Paulina Woźniak: First of all, the community that uses FuturoCoin. FTO, thanks to the ingenuity of Roman Ziemian and Stephan Morgenstern, was created for the FutureNet community, a social platform. The fact that people use our currency allows us to achieve new goals.

Are you one of the FTO users?

Yes, I have some amount of FTOs on my wallet. I use our coin. As long as the price does not increase, I have money invested and I don’t want to cash it out. Of course, I am a FuturoCoin user.

Do you have any other cryptocurrencies in your wallet?

No, I’m loyal only to the FTO.

How did it all start? When did you decide to go into the crypto industry?

This is quite a funny story, actually. Completely, by chance, I met Roman and Stephan, and we started the cooperation. Then I also learned a lot about the cryptocurrency world. It was a complete coincidence. I’ve always worked with technical people, with technologies, etc., but I discovered cryptocurrencies thanks to these two gentlemen.

Let’s talk about cooperation with Red Bull Team. Where did you get the idea to enter the F1 market from?

This was also the idea of ​​Roman Ziemian and Stephan Morgenstern. Both men are athletes, especially Roman, who also races on the track. They convinced us that it would be nice to establish cooperation with such a large player on the sports market. The more so because the Red Bull social platform is present in many other sports. Together, we completed this contract. This is, above all, the fulfillment of dreams, but not only. This also shows the credibility of the FTO. Because Red Bull has checked us very carefully, I am convinced that such a serious company would not allow the unverified partner to sponsor them. This makes FuturoCoin credible on the market. It’s very important because we see that today cryptocurrencies are perceived very differently: once good, sometimes bad.

This, however, does not happen overnight. Such a contract does not take place in a few hours.

Of course, it took several months. Now, I can tell you that we were talking both to Williams and Red Bull. Eventually, we’ll be on the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing car.

So, what now? What is the future of the FTO?

We want to develop constantly. We have several exciting projects under development, which we do not want to talk about yet. The first year was really good for our currency. However, I hope that the second year of our activity will be even better.

And what will happen with the whole crypto industry?

2019 will be a crucial year for the crypto market. In my opinion, cryptocurrencies are the future. I do not think they would replace fiat money. It may be not possible, because the government regulates fiat. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies will be permanently paired with fiat money. It will be similar to the Internet or mobile phones. They were completely inaccessible for ordinary users, but now we all use them. It will be the same with digital money. I think that cryptocurrencies are the future.

Paulina Woźniak – businesswoman, coach, and CEO of Coders House, LLC. She is also the CEO of the company managing the cryptocurrency FuturoCoin. An expert in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

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