CoinDeal Defeats BitBay In Octagon

CoinDeal Defeats BitBay In Octagon

CoinDeal Defeats BitBay In The Octagon -

What a fight, what a gala! On Saturday’s night, sponsored by CoinDeal Damian Grabowski beat Karol Bedorf, a fighter supported by BitBay at KSW 49.

A few days ago, we informed you about a one of a kind fight. Now we can recap, what happened during that special sports-crypto event.

An exciting fighting gala

It was a very interesting night. Many fights were performed at the highest level. People in the stands had a blast. The whole Ergo Arena (located in Gdańsk, Poland) reacted for every punch.

For us, the most interesting clash happened in the third from the end fight. Karol Bedorf, a former heavyweight champion, faced Damian Grabowski, a fighter debuting in KSW (the biggest European MMA federation). Both athletes are sponsored by cryptocurrency exchanges: BitBay and CoinDeal respectively.

The beginning of the road to the top

It was a great first fight for Grabowski. The first round was even, but Damian put on a show in the second one. While in the beginning Bedorf dominated the duel, Grabowski showed that he is able to change the outcome in a no time. His counter strike was superb. He grabbed his rival and finished the fight on the ground. The referee had to interrupt the uneven battle with a technical knockout (TKO).

People cheered for 39-year-old champ. It was a quick but very intense fight. Grabowski said after the fight:

This fight gave me more than three battles with different opponents. I’ve been saying before that if I can win with Bedorf, I will go back to the top. Now, I want to challenge Mariusz Pudzianowski, the strongest man in the world.

Kajetan Maćkowiak, co-founder of CoinDeal, said:

First of all, it was a fun fight to watch. Two of the best faced each other. An athlete supported by CoinDeal won, and that is the reason for the celebration. We are very proud that we can sponsor the champion. Despite all the odds, Damian Grabowski showed character, and that is the biggest prize for us.

Now, it is time to cherish the moment. The next KSW will take place in September in London. We still don’t know if Grabowski will perform there, but we are sure that it will be a fun event to watch, too.

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