CoinDeal: That’s Really The Right Place

CoinDeal: That’s Really The Right Place

CoinDeal That’s Really The Right Place -

Crypto Exchanges are supposed to be the middleman between traders.

We, as CoinDeal, understand our role and do whatever we can to help our users become rich. While we’re helping people trading their digital assets, we also do many more things. Find out, what projects we’ve been developing.

We believe that in order to build trust with our clients, we have to maintain transparency and sincerity. Because of that, we want to share our successes, achievements and challenges with the CoinDeal community.

The beginning

Our exchange officially started to operate in February 2018. However, our creators worked to develop the platform long, long before that time. In September 2018, three ingenious Poles: Adam Bicz, Filip Dzierżak and Kajetan Maćkowiak came up with a new idea. They decided to dedicate their knowledge, experience and skills to create a new cryptocurrency exchange. They’ve worked their hardest and finally established a fresh, creative and innovative platform called CoinDeal.

Since then, things have been running really fast. For instance, first voting in our “vote for your cryptocurrency” system started with the launching of the platform. In the beginning, we decided to add 5 most popular cryptocurrencies. Right now, we are proud to say, that we have 33 cryptocurrencies on our platform. It only shows, how many people put their trust in our hands.

We could see that our hard work paid off because in only two weeks of operating we reached over 1 million euro in payments.

Becoming a significant player on the crypto market

To meet expectations of our user, we decided to be multilingual. Apparently, people from all around the world wanted to know more about our exchange. To reach them, we added to our support team people speaking English, Polish and Chinese. Not enough? Our website is available in 6 languages: Polish, English, Chinese, German, Korean and Russian. Thanks to that move, we’ve become much more recognizable.

Not long after that,, the largest cryptocurrency market cap website, decided to add us to its platform. The world already knew, what CoinDeal is.

Months passed by and our exchange built its position in the crypto industry. As of today, we are the 79th exchange in the world. We’ve achieved that in just less than a year!

Don’t live by crypto alone

The cryptocurrency industry is most important for us. That’s an indisputable fact. However, we’ve always tried to do something outside the box. Since we started, we’ve organised a lot of contests with our partners. We had our own Game of Tron. Every trader from our platform was able to win free TRX.

So far, we’ve had several competitions, in which our users won ECA, XFC, and many others.

We’ve also been a registration sponsor of Blockchain Life 2018, one of the biggest conferences in the crypto world.

Maybe the most exciting thing in our activity is our support for the sport. In the mid of September, we were the main sponsor of the basketball event. 3×3 Feel the Bit! tournament was held in Wrocław, Poland. In the prize pool there was almost 1,000,000 PLN.

The summer was hot in our company. We also signed a sponsorship deal with Wolverhampton Wanderers, an English Premier League football club. Wolves have already won the FA Cup four times and Football League Cup – twice. Our logo is on their shirts and training equipment. From now on, we always keep our fingers crossed whenever Wolves play.

As you can see, many things happened on our cryptocurrency exchange. It’s crazy that we’re operating only 10 months and we’ve already done that much. Nevertheless, we cannot and we do not want to be complacent; we still can do so much more.

We are looking forward to showing you what our plans are. Stay tuned!

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