Cryptos Enter Gambling Industry – New Concept Of Casino Released

Cryptos Enter Gambling Industry – New Concept Of Casino Released

FuturoBet – A New Online Bitcoin Casino Launched -

It’s always exciting news when a new adoption of cryptocurrencies turns up. This time, cryptos entered the gambling industry with the launch of FuturoBet.

Entertainment of the past

Casinos used to be associated with upper class, suits, diamonds and meetings in spacious mansions on Friday nights. We all know that image from various American movies and obviously, James Bond. But these days, casinos are becoming way more modern and progressive. Actually, we have already written about crypto-related enhancement in the gambling Mecca that is Las Vegas. This time, the news is more of a real deal.

The online crypto casino

FuturoBet platform launched few days ago. What does it offer? A basic online casino experience for everyone. It’s a good alternative for people who want to gamble but prefer using virtual money than fiats. Since you already have some cryptos in your virtual wallet, you might as well spend it this way. Online casinos are considered easy to use, since you don’t need to go anywhere. But at the same time, they seem not provide the specific ambience that is usually associated with a regular casino.

What it offers?

On FuturoBet, there are around 1000 games to choose from. From simple pokers and scratch cards to more complicated, live games, like bingo and slots. You can transfer your funds (they accept Bitcoin and FuturoCoin) and they will get swapped for FuturoBet Tokens. With those, you are able to bet on the games. The players also need to be registered on the platform to be able to play. What’s more, FuturoBet offers also FuturoBet Network with an Affiliate Program thanks to which you can increase your passive income. At this moment, the registration is not fully open. But specially for our readers, we got a special link from which you can register. Why is it so important? The sooner you will start building your network, the bigger it will be. Feel free to register as soon as possible!

Some fun online

FuturoBet is one of many online cryptocurrency casinos but as a novelty, it is worth a try. A good user experience and short registration process makes it easy to start betting. If you’re looking for some entertainment during spring weekends, FuturoBet is for you.

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