Cypriot Police Warns Crypto Users

Cypriot Police Warns Crypto Users


A new virus called Dharma threatens innocent computer users. Vicious malware causes locking personal files. The data can only be restored by a bitcoin transfer to an unknown hacker.

Horrific news

Not long ago, we wrote about malware targeting gamers. Now, another swindle threatens crypto users. Dialogos, a Cypriot media outlet has reported today that a new virus has been discovered. Dharma, a dangerous malware, is infecting computers and servers by encrypting and locking files. The data can only be restored after a bitcoin transfer, as Cyprus Mail states.

Do not transfer any bitcoins

The police cybercrime unit is warning users not to click any suspicious links sent via email. The virus also spreads through insecure websites. After our computer has been infected, the data becomes unavailable. The only way to get it back is to pay a ransom – as a text document planted by Dharma says. Obviously, it’s just a way of stealing our money and getting hold of our personal data.

Better safe than sorry

The police department states that right now there is no effective method of restoring the infected files. Instead, they advise taking precautions. Everyone should regularly create backups for all of the important data stored on our computers. The other obvious safety measure is to avoid opening insecure sites or opening attachments from unknown sources. Moreover, users should type the URLs into their browsers rather than use links.

The most important thing is not to transfer any money to the blackmailers. That will put a stop to the illegal activities and prevent the virus from spreading.

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