How to Setup a Daedalus Cardano wallet

How to Setup a Daedalus Cardano wallet

Go to the Daedalus wallet official site > to download the wallet app. Then Click on Download in the Menu bar.

Then Download the file that matches your operating system

Once the installation is done you will be brought to the window shown above. Just click on “close” to finish the installation. Notice that there was a newly created icon on your desktop. Use that to start the newly installed Daedalus wallet.

5 download directory.png

After opening the program you will be brought to this window as shown above then synchronization will start right away. Like shown below.


After synchronization, you will be brought to the main dashboard of the Daedalus wallet and a menu to create your first wallet. Just select the “+” button to create the wallet.

2 create wallet.png

This will bring as to the “Create Wallet” window. In this page, we input the desired name of the wallet and create the password for it by click on the toggle switch.

3 create wallet.png

Once you click on the toggle switch will reveal the password. Please note the parameters of the password as it will not accept if not all of the conditions of the parameters are met. We input it twice for verification. Then click on the “Create personal wallet” to continue with the installation.

4 create wallet.png

The next page will start the “Recovery Phrase Creation” The first message you will get is a warning message and reminder not to show anyone the recovery phrase. Just tick on the tick box and click the “Continue” button.

5 create wallet.png

The next page will show you the recovery phrase. Write it down as you will input them on the next page. To continue just click on the button as shown below.

6 create wallet.png

After noting the recovery phrase we input in the proper order as shown below. There is no need to type the words as you select the words by click on the buttons and arrange its proper sequence.

7 create wallet.png

Once you have chosen the proper sequence you will be brought to this window. Just tick the boxes and click on the confirm button to create the wallet.

8 create wallet.png

The next window will show you the main page of the created wallet.

Daedalus as the capability of creating multiple wallets. You may add or view the existing wallets by click on the*** Menu icon*** (the one with three horizontal lines) as shown below. You may add wallets by clicking “+” also shown below.

10 create wallet.png

How to send Cardano (ADA)

To send ADA you will just have to click on the “Send” button on the main dashboard. It will bring you to the sending page. Just follow the instruction on the screenshot below
11 create wallet.png

How to get your Cardano (ADA) address

To get your wallet address you just have to click on the “receive” button on the main dashboard. Once this is clicked you will be brought to this page shown below. You may get your address by clicking on the copy icon or you may use your phone to scan the QR code. You may also add another wallet address associated with the active wallet by clicking on the generate wallet address. No worries you can still use your old wallet address.

12 create wallet.png

The picture below shows you the window when you click on the “transactions.”Since we have not started doing transaction there will be no records available.

13 create wallet.png

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