Kaspersky Lab: Cryptojacking Cases Up 400% in 2018

Kaspersky Lab: Cryptojacking Cases Up 400% in 2018

Did you know there have been 13 million cryptojacking incidents in 2018? 

A new report from Russian cyber-security firm Kaspersky Lab found that instances of cryptojacking, where hackers use malicious code to mine cryptocurrency from unsuspecting computers, has risen by more than 400% this year alone.

Signaling that it is becoming an increasingly popular method for hackers to profit from the advent of digital currency.

Although many crypto-fanatics might well say that the major issue the industry has faced this year lays with the wild fluctuations of crypto prices, Kaspersky Lab would beg to differ.

The report, titled “The Illicit Cryptocurrency Mining Threat,” details that cryptojacking’s popularity has risen in parallel with the popularity of cryptocurrency. The report notes that although cryptojacking seems harmless initially, it can pose significant threats to unsuspecting victims.

The alarming figures that 13 million cryptojacking incidents have taken place in 2018 is a massive cause for concern and needs to be dealt with in rapid succession. Kaspersky Lab has once again done a great job informing the industry in regards to the problems we now face.

However, the primary concern of the organization still resides in the future of ransomware which will, unfortunately, spread its wings even wider in 2019. Kaspersky researchers expect that a substantial threat can surface from the combination of cryptojacking and ransomware, as criminals earn profits owing to the surreptitious mining.

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