Next Step Into The Future: FTO On BitForex

Next Step Into The Future: FTO On BitForex

Next Step Into The Future: FTO On BitForex -

What terrific news! FuturoCoin has just entered another cryptocurrency exchange. From now on, FTO is available on BitForex. You can find our coin there on FTO/BTC pair.

FuturoCoin just can’t stop making headlines. A few weeks ago, we signed a partnership deal with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. We’ve become the very first cryptocurrency on the globe to sponsor Formula One team. Now, we have some more great news!

Bitforex – one of the largest exchanges

According to (data from 05.03.2019), BitForex is the 8th crypto trading platform by adjusted daily volume. That shows how big the exchange is. We, in FuturoCoin quarters, are more than happy to be enlisted on that platform.

Singapore is known as a crypto hub in the region. BitForex decided to use that opportunity and created its crypto exchange there. The company has its headquarters in the Asian country, but it has already created operating teams in several other countries in Asia: Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The platform is growing at a breakneck pace and is ready to become the best exchange in the industry.

FuturoCoin – the best investment

FTO still finds a way to grow. While the cryptocurrency market is still in a slump, FuturoCoin still develops itself. We’ve already launched FuturoCoin Academy, our restaurants are full of clients every day, and we also organized the best crypto conference in the region.

The world has seen our rise and we are getting more attention day after day. We’ve been already available on several cryptocurrency exchanges, but never on such a popular one. BitForex is just another example of trust and belief in our coin. We are proud that the owners of the platform approved FuturoCoin and added us. We are enlisted there on FTO/BTC market.

That’s not everything that we have up in our sleeves. The best is yet to come! Stay tuned for more information about FuturoCoin developments.

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