One Of A Kind Fight Between Two Exchanges

One Of A Kind Fight Between Two Exchanges

One Of A Kind Fight Between Two Exchanges -

Today, we have exciting news for you. The rivalry between cryptocurrency exchanges has just gone to another level. As it turns out, CoinDeal will literally fight with BitBay.

Not precisely the exchanges though, but athletes sponsored by them. MMA fighters will represent their platforms on the next KSW gala.

Isn’t that great? Usually, we only see verbal or legal skirmishes between exchanges. This time, however, we will be witnesses of something new: a real fight between trading platforms!  It got so heated that there has been created a special Facebook event concerning this fight.

Fierce rivals

CoinDeal is a cryptocurrency exchange with headquarters on Malta. However, the trading platform was created by three Poles: Kajetan Maćkowiak, Adam Bicz, and Filip Dzierżak. CoinDeal is a well-known supporter of athletes and sports teams. Thanks to a sponsorship deal with Wolverhampton Wanderers, they became the very first crypto exchange to sponsor a Premier League club. Now, they’ve got involved in mixed martial arts. The platform sponsors Damian Grabowski, a heavyweight fighter, also known as the “Polish Pitbull”.

Sport is significant for us. We believe that sports sponsorship gives mutual benefits. We can expose our logo to the World, and our athlete has the necessary support from us. We’ve shown with our Wolverhampton Wanderers’ deal that we want to support the best ones. Now, we believe that Damian Grabowski can become the champion of KSW with our help – said Kajetan Maćkowiak, co-founder of CoinDeal.

BitBay is another exchange based on Malta. Similar to CoinDeal, BitBay has Polish roots. The exchange operated in Poland, but due to legal regulations, the platform had to move to Malta. BitBay has got involved in sports sponsoring a few years ago. From the very beginning, the exchange sponsored athletes or events related to combat sports. Now, they sponsor Karol Bedorf, polish heavyweight ex-champion.

I have to admit, I had no idea that Karol Bedorf’s rival is sponsored by CoinDeal. We have been Karol’s partners for almost a year now. We keep fingers crossed for our favorite athlete, regardless of who shows up in the opposite corner. We, as BitBay, sponsor many different events and sport athletes. We have also been involved in charity for many years. Helping others give us a lot of satisfaction – said Sylwester Suszek, the founder of BitBay.

Another level of competition

KSW (Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki – Martial Arts Confrontation) is the biggest MMA federation in Europe. Based in Poland, the organization does the best fighting galas in this part of the World. On Saturday (18th May), there will be 49th KSW event in Gdańsk, Poland.

Among many exciting fights, Bedorf will face Grabowski. The first is ex-champion of his wage, and defeating Grabowski could bring him closer to repossess the belt. The second will debut in KSW. Grabowski is set to conquer the federation.

Those two will represent their sponsors: BitBay and CoinDeal. Would win of Bedorf give BitBay the supremacy over the CoinDeal? Or perhaps Grabowski will bring glory to CoinDeal? We will find out soon enough. The KSW gala is on Saturday. You can’t miss it!

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