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Peter Todd, Former BTC Developer, Accused Of Rape

Peter Todd, Former BTC Developer, Accused Of Rape

Peter Todd, former BTC developer, accused of rape -

Todd’s sexual assault case started with accusations brought up by Isis Agora Lovecruft (Sarah Michelle Reichwein) in 2016. It seems that over 3 years later things aren’t getting any clearer. In fact, the more time that passes, the more complicated the matter becomes.

Peter Todd is a well-known person in the blockchain industry. This Canadian developer is regarded as one of the top 25 contributors to the Bitcoin Core in 2012. He receives invitations for various conferences to deliver a speech and is also involved in some of the blockchain projects.

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The first accusation came from Sarah Michelle Reichwein, a cryptographer, who runs her Twitter profile under a nickname Isis Agora Lovecruft. She called Todd a rapist in one of her tweets, which was followed by a defamation suit filed by the accused. 

Why do some portals seem to be biased?

While reading articles about the case, we can find different perspectives. Some texts, written in April this year, sympathize with the accused. They put emphasis on the fact that Lovecruft has also raised concerns toward other men in the industry. Too often some portals, when they mention the victim, inform the readers that the victim is a transgender person. But does it really matter regarding this case?

What is more, the allegation against Todd came after the accusation against a journalist Jacob Appelbaum. This news didn’t echo among the public, and that’s why some portals found it as the reason why Lovecruft blamed another person. Strangely enough, some journalists are so easy to judge a woman. While researching this case, it’s just a matter of writing ‘Jacob Appelbaum’ in Google to find out there’s a website created by his victims. It’s listed right below Wikipedia’s link, even above his Twitter. The site doesn’t contain stories about sexual assaults only. Its creators mention, among other improper behaviors performed by Appelbaum, such things like disregarding, abusing his position, and getting benefits from someone else’s accomplishments, etc. Adding these stories to Lovecruft’s statement, it isn’t so obvious to take the side of Appelbaum.

Latest events

Peter Todd’s case has been recently refreshed by CoinDesk. They published an in-depth article, providing a new perspective on the issue. Shortly after allegation from Lovecruft, Todd filed a defamation suit insisting on deletion the offensive tweet. In reply, another three people submitted statements accusing Todd of sexual misconduct.

Two weeks ago, Lovecruft dismissed the complaint and filed a declaration about Todd’s suspected behavior. According to Lovecruft, while working on some Bitcoin project, Todd would tell her, “I’m going to shove my cock in you so hard and beat you until you beg for more.” Z-cash co-founder, Bryce Wilcox aka Zooko Wilcox, joined Lovecruft’s side and also added his confession. Wilcox’s statement, as well as Lovecruft’s, can be found here.

Bryce Wilcox stated that:

“On or about December 6, 2015, I was exploring Hong Kong at night with a group of people including Mr. Todd when I observed him persistently pursuing a female friend of mine, whom I will refer to as “My Friend” by following her around and getting close to her. (…) Soon, My Friend came up to me (…), saying that she was very uncomfortable and asking if I could help her get out of the situation. She and some others then went to the street to catch a cab(…). Mr. Todd followed her. When the cab arrived (…), one seat remained, and Mr. Todd was about to take it. So heeding My Friend’s request, I pushed past Mr. Todd and took the last remaining seat next to her, and we left Mr. Todd behind.”

Another point of declaration listed:

“On or about February 10, 2018, I learned from another female friend of mine, whom I will refer to here as “Jane Doe,” that Mr. Todd had pressured her into sex while she was in a mentally compromised state due to a medical condition.”

Jane Doe, the woman, mentioned in Wilcox’s statement, was interviewed by CoinDesk. She said that she doesn’t want to be engaged with any projects connected with Peter Todd. Doe claims that she would stick to other fields of computer science, just to avoid the accused. Todd’s attorney didn’t reply to the portal’s questions yet.

Peter Todd’s case is not the only one in the blockchain industry

CoinDesk also reached people who were assaulted, not only by Todd but in the blockchain industry in general. It turned out that cases similar to this one had emerged in the past. Some of them were reported, but others are still kept in silence. Unfortunately, victims, who managed to speak up about their harassment, in most cases were moved away from projects. They were also excluded by their coworkers, who saw them as a possible foundation of false accusations. It proves that the blockchain community is very air-tight. People who achieved success have each other’s backs and make it difficult to fight for one’s rights.

This is still an ongoing case, and it seems that the end of it isn’t coming any closer. We will keep focused and keep you informed if anything moves on.

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