Review: BitBucks – Simple Wallet For Daily Use

Review: BitBucks – Simple Wallet For Daily Use

BitBucks - Simple Wallet For Daily

The perfect description of BitBucks is the phrase “less is more.” This app is an answer for people who are looking for an easy solution, providing functionality without complicated management.

Bitcoin might seem strange and overcomplicated, especially for people who have just met the idea of cryptocurrency. That’s why providing an easy to use wallet is essential to attract those who are not only professional traders but also enthusiasts who want to try Bitcoin. 

Wallet – a must-have for every crypto enthusiast

They are like a gate to the world of crypto. Your wallet is the place where you store your digital assets – its choice is undoubtedly an important thing! Being a part of this industry is impossible without it. That’s why every venture into cryptocurrency domain begins with choosing the right wallet. Unfortunately, most of the currently available ones are made for experts rather than beginners.

BitBucks fits in this gap perfectly. Its developers come with a very straight solution – to provide access to Bitcoin payments to everyone willing to have it. Using this app doesn’t require many stages of verification – all you need to have is your phone number. You may also add your profile picture to ensure your friend will recognize you.

Quick and simple – just as Bitcoin should be

I tested the app on iPhone 5 (currently, BitBucks is only available on IOS) and everything went smooth and easy for me. The Apple version of the app works well, without any crashes and visible problems.

After successful registration, you are ready to send (or receive, of course) bitcoins. To do so, you may use either phone number of a person who will receive money or QR code. Such simplicity of usage meets the goal of the successful introduction of Bitcoin’s ideals.

All payments are convertible to every fiat currency. It makes BitBucks a truly worldwide wallet, easily accessible to everyone around the world. However, there is one exception, which should be noticed: this wallet is now only available for iOS users. The Android app is still in development – but hopefully, we won’t wait for its premiere too long. 

For you and your friends

Although BitBucks provides impressive solutions, its primary usage focuses on small transactions and payments within the range of your friends or eventually business partners. It’s not well suitable for other types of payments.

However, I count it as an advantage – this wallet aims to specified usage, which allows its developers to provide the highest standard of services. Trying to reach too many different groups is a common mistake in the crypto industry, and it’s far better to use an app specified for one goal. But on the other hand, more advanced users might be disappointed and count it as a lack of functionality.

In the spirit of Bitcoin

There is one more thing worth mentioning – the overall attitude of BitBucks to the subject of cryptocurrencies. This app focuses on fulfilling the Bitcoin idea of readily available money. As I have pointed out before, it clearly determines the target group, which differs it from other cryptocurrency wallets. 

Thus, combined with a clear interface, I believe BitBucks will fit in its niche on the cryptocurrency market perfectly. However, the lack of Android support is needed to be fixed as fast as possible. Then, the overall base of BitBucks’s users will surely increase. And I hope it will – cause this wallet is perfect for everyday usage.


– accessible for beginners
– clear interface
– well-specified usage


– lack of Android version
– for more advanced users, it might seem oversimplified

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