Sharemeall — opening a world for exchanges

Sharemeall — opening a world for exchanges

Reminiscing back to the age of the barter system, exchange of goods and services have prevailed in human history from time immemorial. But in the last few years, there has been a robust comeback of exchange system amongst private individuals. With this system, several people found that it is becoming difficult to limit the use of money than earned through hard work. Understanding the market scenario, ShareMeAll has introduced an alternative communication means by creating an open space for the exchanges.  It is known as the marketplace wherein users will have the provision to share their goods and services. The core principal of this platform is based on the legacy barter system but with an introduction of a cryptocurrency called the eSwitch®. Thus, users will remain in the central position of platform while goodwill, emancipation, and safety will be the catalyst and eSwitch® the cryptocurrency.

The importance of ShareMeAll platform

The ShareMeAll platform is all set to drive a potential change in the traditional system of exchange of goods and services. It is an alternative community project where besides individual skills several other objects like household items, cars, etc. can also be traded. In return, the ShareMeAll users will be rewarded with eSwitch® with which they can make the most in housing services, trading objects, etc. For ease of using the eSwitch® cryptocurrency a mobile exchange platform will be created that can make bartering simpler.

Certified by the National Institute of Industrial property, eSwitch® is a registered cryptocurrency which will enable ShareMeAll users to make exchange procedure simpler and develop a trust on the platform. Thus in ShareMeAll, the exchange of goods and services platform is secured by platform and archived by eSwitch® cryptocurrency.—an advanced forum for exchanges and services

With the introduction of digital tokens as a mode of financial payment, ShareMeAll is accelerating the use of its cryptocurrency eSwitch® for benefiting the users in the exchange platform. For improvising the easy-of –usage, internet and mobile platform called will be created which will feature an eSwitch® portfolio link with the user account. This will enable ShareMeAll users easily uses the offers of sharing of services, objects, or goods. Moreover, a cryptocurrency wallet can also be imported on the platform wherein all the earned eSwitch® can be exported. This will also enable ICO investors to use the platform, which can hence be subjected to an important commercial and marketing plan and become the prime reference site for sharing.

  1. Services

Every individual has some unique skills and talents, which can be leveraged for earning money. At the platform, users can share their knowledge and skills and earn their eSwitch® tokens. For this, users need to register on the ShareMeAll site and start offering their valuable knowledge to the community along with the compensation required in terms of eSwitch®. Once the exchange of skills is done, the transaction is immediately followed between accounts of both members via a secured blockchain. Here on, users can use their earned eSwitch® on the platform for other services or objects. Besides, the eSwitch® tokens can also be transferred to the user’s bank account in terms of fiat currencies like dollars or euros.


In an era of online merchandising, every digital media user is aware of selling goods on online platforms like OLX or eBay. Based on a similar pattern, ShareMeAll also offers an open space for exchanging goods and services to the community members. The underlying concept of this platform is based on the agricultural concept of the cooperative. In this sharing of the object, the user remains the owner, but they can share their object and optimize its usage — this aids in developing social bonds amongst the community members and yields financial growth.


With ShareMeAll platform, users can now as well share rental and apartment services for business or while spending a vacation. Such an arrangement will help the members of ShareMeAll community in getting easy rental services in distant regions while the other members of the community also gain the opportunity to host people from around the world and learn about different cultures. Using the eSwitch®, ShareMeAll members can, therefore, leverage the opportunity of organizing a stay in a different city or country. This platform offers hosting solutions in exchange for eSwitch®and promotes real-time opportunities to a broad new culture engulfing varied people from across the globe.

Thus, not only opens new prospects for an open space in exchange of goods and services but offers a potential platform for investing in cryptocurrency, wherein the digital tokens can be easily converted to fiat. Besides, is a real-world platform which aims in bringing together a real community that has common interest and shares real-time experiences.


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