Stablecoins and Global Strategy discussed in Huobi- Gemini Meeting

Stablecoins and Global Strategy discussed in Huobi- Gemini Meeting

A lot of project in the cryptoshpere have achieved success on back of some stellar partnerships. With the same vision of success in mind, the chiefs of Huobi Exchange meet the Winklevoss Twins where they believed to have discussed the future global synergies in a variety of projects and strategies.

A partnership to fill gaps between the crypto spaces of China and the US

The CEO of the Huobi Group, Leon Li along with COO Robin Zhu have supposedly met Winklevoss Twins the co-founders of Gemini exchange on Wednesday. This meeting was designed to talk about stablecoins, creating a flatter global economy and bridging the crypto communities of the west and east.

Leon, post the meeting, was quoted saying that Huobi wants to bridge the gaps between the crypto spaces of China and the US. He noted:

“There are a lot of good digital assets and products around the world, especially in America, and we want to bring them to China. We also plan to bring more awareness about Huobi’s digital assets and financial services in China to the world.”

Leon also added that he would like to see further cooperation between Gemini and Huobi

Both the exchanges have previously collaborated with each other. For instance, the Huobi Group incorporated the Gemini Dollar (GUSD) to their exchange last month. The GUSD is a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar which was launched by the Gemini exchange recently. The stablecoin is one of the few currencies that are regulated and is backed by dollar reserves that the exchange maintains. GUSD will also be supported on the Huobi Wallet.

Leon and Robin said that they are impressed with the stability that the GUSD stablecoin has provided and said that it has many advantages. The participants of the meeting say that listing GUSD within the HUSD will allow millions of traders from Huobi Global and Huobi Cloud to use the Gemini stablecoin.

On the other side, The Winklevoss twins were both keen on discussing the global strategy at Huobi, especially in key markets like Japan and South Korea. Tyler and Cameron were also impressed with the Huobi Cloud platform.

If Gemini and Huobi joins hands, this would prove to be a fantastic partnership between the two and would be a lot beneficial to the crypto industry as there would be less divergent products and services between the eastern and the western worlds. Also we may soon see some stablecoins in the eastern part of the world in lines to the GUSD.

Will Huobi and Gemini come together to for a better crypto environment across the globe? Do let us know your views on the same.

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