Stardew Valley ultimate fishing guide


Fishing mini-video games have a storied records in RPG/simulator video games, especially in conventional Nintendo franchises like Zelda and Animal Crossing. Stardew Valley continues this trend, at the equal time as turning the leisurely interest right into a furiously addictive revel in with “legendary fish”, address and bait options and sundry fish for each in-game season.

With that during mind, IBTimes UK has put together a master manual to help budding fishermen end up world-magnificence anglers able to hooking and touchdown even the scarcest legendary fish the sport hides in its hallowed waters.

For assist together with your maiden 12 months as an agriculturist check out our guide for yr one, or for those searching for to spice up Pelican Town, peruse our favorite mods feature-complete with DIY modding tips.

The basics of fishing in Stardew Valley

Getting your first rod

First matters first, you are going to need a rod. If you’ve got ever attempted catching a live fish along with your hands, you may understand they typically generally tend to be pretty slippery creatures.

Your advent to fishing comes quite early on to your quest to cultivate a thriving farmland, courtesy of the wizened antique angler Willy who resides inside the Pelican Town’s correctly named Fish Shop (no chips here).

Open from 9 am to 5 pm, Willy’s save is decided to the South East along the beach. Learn how to fish in Stardew valley He’ll welcome you in every day of the week, except for non-wet Saturdays as unsurprisingly he is partial to a piece of fishing himself on a notable sunny weekend.

On your first visit, Willy will present to you the primary piece of package wished on the road to fishing super-stardom: the Bamboo Pole.

How to fish

Unlike real fishing, you do now not want the bait to hook a fish, so it’s time to exercise at the side of your newly acquired Bamboo Pole. Find an exceptional patch alongside the docks and cast away.

The mini-recreation that ensues whilst you get a piece is exceptionally clean for lower difficulty fish, however, the difficulty stage will soon spike as you start exploring particular fishing spots.

fish in stardew valley

fish in stardew valley

In short, you want to preserve the tiny fish icon within the parameters of the smaller bar you control by means of clicking the mouse. Doing so will reason the longer bar to upward push, and as quickly because the gauge hits the pinnacle you can fling the fishy into your arms.

Tip: Do now not click on the mouse, instead of click on on and preserve. Judging while the fish will rise or fall is made two times as difficult even as you maniacally click on the mouse.

How to enhance your fishing stage

Congrats to your first lure! However, netting the maximum beneficial hauls can be a tad trickier. Thankfully, every fishing day ride will raise your fishing experience so much so you will in the end degree up.

Each new level adds one factor to your pole approach as nicely as numerous other traits, competencies and unlocks. Here is the entire list:

Stardew Valley: General fishing tips

For a few inexplicable causes, the Sea Cucumbers do now not count toward your fishing degree. Those darn cucumbers.

Don’t trouble with bait
It sounds mad, however, bait is pointless when it comes to fishing in Stardew Valley. Keep it on your crab pots and recognition on the better address.

What to sell and what to maintain

Silver and Gold high-quality trawls are really worth flogging. Standard fish are ideal fertilizer fodder, pick out whichever ones are clogging up your inventory space. You will also find out that advantageous message board quests will request specific fish, having a small stockpile of the rarer specimens can result in brief and easy economic gains.

fish in stardew valley

fish in stardew valley

Keep an eye fixed out for high hobby spots
See those weird bubble patches inside the water? These are pastime spots that yield larger quantities of fish. Aim carefully for these whilst you’re casting.

The lucky fisherman

Pelican Town’s Fortune Teller is a big asset even as gambling the RNG recreation in Stardew Valley. If she ever says “The spirits are very satisfied today! They will do their exceptional to shower anybody with exact fortune,” get fishing for the rare catches as you’re having a ‘lucky day’ wherein the massive boys are more inclined to take the bait.

The Sea Monster
No, you can not entice the Sea Monster. Stop trying.

The many fish of Stardew Valley

Here it is, the encyclopedia of the Stardew Valley fish cut up into problem classes to make the quest a little less difficult (ascending in difficulty stage with the less complicated fish at the lowest of the tables and the harder catches on the pinnacle).

Stardew Valley: How to seize Legendary Fish

Like Pokemon, there is a feel of ‘gotta seize ’em all’ to Stardew Valley fishing – and just like the ones pesky Pocket Monsters, there are mythical fish too.

These elusive blighters are surprisingly uncommon, can handiest be stuck once and could require a Zen-like diploma of endurance and talent to bring onto the bank. Thankfully, you will recognize when you have one on the road as a tiny crown will seem on the fish symbol.

It almost is going without saying, but early in the game do now not try to net those whoppers. Wait till you have got the essential device and fishing degree and you could now not be snapping your rod in two out of frustration.

The Iridium Rod is a must, as is the Trap Bobber which slows the movement of the fish while you are not reeling. If you’re still suffering then capture a Trout Soup (+1 Fishing Skill) or Dish o’ the Sea (+three Fishing Skill) before heading out.

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