Top 13 European Crypto Exchanges In 2019

Top 13 European Crypto Exchanges In 2019

Top 13 european exchanges -

Another day, another ranking. After making a few national rankings, we’ve decided to put it all together and prepare the European list. Which Europe’s crypto exchange is the best? Which is the runner-up? Who made it and who did not make it? Check out our work.

We’ve already made Polish, UK, and Dutch exchanges ranking. You can find all of them on our website.

Also, a little disclaimer: recently the TIE have published a report, which showed that many exchanges fabricate their trading volume. After that, many other sites shared with us similar research too. Because of that, we’ve made some modifications from previous rankings. Without further ado, let’s start.

It isn’t any shocking news. Binance is probably the best cryptocurrency exchange in the whole world. The exchange was launched in July 2017. After the ban from the Japanese government, the exchange moved to Malta. In almost every ranking Binance is the first or the second trading platform in the world. It should be well known that the exchange has escaped the competition in Europe, and today Binance set the trends in the cryptocurrency world.

When Binance started, it was in the top 400 websites in the world (not only in the cryptocurrency industry but in general), according to Alexa ranking. Today, it is ranked on the 1,070th place.

Binance also tops every other exchange in terms of listing cryptocurrencies. As of today, the platform has 463 trading pairs (according to What’s more, Binance is not involved in faking trading volume. According to the report from the TIE, the exchange’s real trading volume is at least 70% of reported trading volume.

Bitstamp took the second place. The company behind the exchange was created in 2011 as a European-focused place to buy Bitcoin. The platform has its headquarters in the UK, Luxembourg and Slovenia.

The Bitstamp chart is similar to Binance’s. Once quite popular, today it is not so much. The exchange is ranked on the 18,769th place in the world in Alexa ranking.

While Bitstamp offers only 14 open markets, the platform has the second highest real trading volume in Europe. That is the main reason, why it took second place in our ranking.

LATOKEN is the third best cryptocurrency exchange in Europe. Simple as that. Although the platform was created in 2017, it is already one of the best crypto exchanges in the UK. LATOKEN transforms access to capital and enables cryptocurrencies to be widely used in the real economy by making real assets tradable in crypto. The company behind the platform’s mission is to make capital markets and trading available 24/7.

In terms of recognition and popularity, LATOKEN is still trending. As of today, Alexa ranks the website on the 32,257th place in the world. Still, it gains much more attention than just a few months ago.

LATOKEN has 153 trading pairs enlisted, according to It is easy to use, transparent and accessible platform to trade digital assets in the UK.

The exchange is registered in Estonia. P2PB2B is a trading platform with very fast KYC and the online support. It focuses on the needs and interests of businesses. The exchange holds over 95% of assets on cold wallets, so it guarantees the security of assets in case of hacking the platform.

As you can see, the platform is still very young. After difficulties at the beginning, now P2PB2B is trending. As of today, the exchange is ranked on the 90,050th place in Alexa ranking.

P2PB2B has 154 trading pairs, according to The platform is in the crypto industry only for a few months, but it is already one of the best exchanges in Europe.

EXMO is a universal cryptocurrency exchange. Founded in 2013, EXMO is one of the leading in Eastern Europe. The platform offers 6 fiat currencies and 40 cryptocurrencies to trade within the exchange. The platform has low fees and provides users with quick and simple transactions.

Almost a year ago it got a lot of attention from the trades but since then the popularity of EXMO has been falling down. Right now, the platform is ranked on the 35,696th place in the world according to Alexa ranking.

EXMO has the fifth highest real trading volume in Europe. In terms of the offer, the exchange has 134 trading markets enlisted.

YoBit is a cryptocurrency exchange from Russia. It was founded in 2015. supports cooperation with the most popular world cryptocurrencies and provides the possibility to gain profit at electronic money exchange transactions.

YoBit is a quite popular website in the world. The Russian exchange is ranked on the 8,634th place in the world. Still, it loses popularity day by day.

What makes YoBit so attractive for many users across the whole world, is the number of trading pairs. The platform has almost 500 of those (498 to be precise, according to

STEX, also known as Stocks.Exchange or Smart Token Exchange focuses mostly on altcoins and ICOs. The platform started in 2017 and today is the seventh best cryptocurrency exchange in Europe.

The platform couldn’t make a significant leap for over a year, but when it started to gain attention, it grew very fast. Today, the website has established position and it is ranked on the 31,275th place in the Alexa ranking.

According to, STEX has 171 trading pairs available. If it comes to real trading volume, the platform is on the 7th place in Europe.

CoinDeal is the 8th cryptocurrency trading platform in Europe. The company founded by three Poles started its operation on Cyprus almost a year ago. Since that time, it has become clear that CoinDeal aims higher than only the Polish market. The exchange tries to engage its users with voting for a new cryptocurrency, airdrops, competitions and many other ventures. CoinDeal gets involved in charity events, sports sponsorship. For instance, the company was present on Polish Heritage Day in the NBA. The company also sponsors Wolverhampton Wanderers, an English Premier League club. CoinDeal is always active and its support team does everything to help users.

From the very beginning, CoinDeal constantly grows in popularity. Recently, the platform gained a lot of new users. As of today, the platform is listed on the 22,161st place in the Alexa ranking.

According to, CoinDeal has 42 trading pairs in its offer. Also, CoinDeal is the third platform in the world if it comes to real/reported trading volume ratio in the world.

Bibox is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Estonia. It was founded by Chinese crypto enthusiasts in 2017. Bibox would be higher because it is in the top 10 exchanges in the world in terms of adjusted trading volume. But because of faking its real volume, it has to be lower.

Bibox is a top-rated website in the world. For almost a year now, the exchange has been stable in popularity. As of today, it is on the 6,234th place in the world in Alexa ranking.

According to, Bibox has 187 trading pairs available. As of real trading volume, it is the 9th best in Europe.

Exrates took the 10th place. The platform was founded in Indonesia, but today it is registered in Switzerland. Bibox was launched in April 2016.

Exrates is losing on popularity day by day. The exchange was once almost in the top 60 thousand websites in the world. Today, it is on the 123,731st place in the Alexa ranking.

Exrates also has a problem with real trading volume. According to the TIE, the platform real/reported trading volume ratio equals less than 5%. The exchange offers 147 trading pairs.

Bitbay has had some difficulties recently, but – according to some rumors – the exchange is finally out of the woods now. Company founded in Poland moved to Malta in 2018.

BitBay, similarly to many other exchanges, has been losing attraction for some months now. As of today, it is listed on the 54,837th place in the world, according to Alexa ranking.

BitBay is in our ranking mostly because of the fact that it doesn’t fake the real trading volume. The exchange has 79 trading pairs, according to

Bilaxy found a place in our ranking. The exchange celebrates the first anniversary this month. What differs that platform from many others is that Bilaxy does not offer any deposits of fiat currency.

As you can see, after the launch, the platform became popular. Today it has a little fewer visits. Because of that, Bilaxy is on the 135,880th place in the world, according to Alexa ranking.

Bilaxy has only less than 30% of the reported trading volume. If it comes to open markets, the exchange offers 97 trading pairs. is the best cryptocurrency exchange based in the Netherlands. Good user experience? Check. Safe and secure platform? Check. Availability, good place in rankings, and many coins to choose from? Check, check, check. has it all. So it has to find a place in our ranking. The platform took the last place on our list. was once quite popular. Today it is not the case anymore. However, since our last ranking, it went up in Alexa ranking. Today, it is listed on the 168,379th place in the world. has 236 trading pairs available on its platform. What overshadows the good image of the exchange is the fact that the exchange has only around 25% of reported trading volume.

Almost made it

As usual, we can’t forget about those, who were very close to make our list. Check the list below, to know, who would make top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Local Trade







BINANCE $16,081,110,000 53,75% 1,070 1 463
BITSTAMP $1,323,840,000 79,42% 18,769 4 14
LATOKEN $1,022,430,000 16,39% 32,257 3 153
P2PB2B $868,770,000 7,20% 90,050 13 154
EXMO $525,211,470 100% 35,951 8 134
YOBIT $414,936,454 100% 8,634 7 498
STEX $373,953,614 100% 31,275 9 171
COINDEAL $292,628,557 100% 22,161 10 42
BIBOX $226,429,830 1,25% 6,234 2 187
EXRATES $204,899,700 4,23% 123,731 5 147
BITBAY $171,491,471 100% 54,837 11 79
BILAXY $146,745,300 27,38% 135,880 6 97
COSS.IO $57,504,300 23,31% 168,379 12 236

All data taken from 4-5th April, 2019.

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