Top 5 Crypto Exchanges In 2019 With Polish Roots

Top 5 Crypto Exchanges In 2019 With Polish Roots

Top 5 Crypto Exchanges In 2019 With Polish Roots -

Another month has just passed by. It means that the new ranking is coming! What happened in February? Which exchange is the best? Let’s check them out.

A month ago, we ranked Polish exchanges, platforms which were in Poland but they had to move from there, and exchanges founded by Poles. You can find the previous ranking on our site. Without further ado, let’s start.

At the top of the ranking, nothing changes. CoinDeal is just the best cryptocurrency with Polish roots. Simple as that. The exchange based in Malta checks all boxes. It is one of the most secured trading platforms in the world (33rd place according to ICO Rating’s Exchange Security Report). The company was founded a year ago (on Monday the exchange celebrated the first birthday), but it is already the most popular from all of the below.

Last month, Alexa ranked CoinDeal at the 42,988th place in the world. Now, the platform is listed on the 29,304th place. CoinDeal tops others in terms of trading volume too.

Also, CoinDeal has the most cryptocurrencies enlisted. As of today, the exchange has 37 digital coins available on the platform, among others are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, and Tron. CoinDeal operates according to a simple principle: the best ability is availability.

BitBay has had some troubles recently. Still, the platform takes the second place, but the distance between CoinDeal and BitBay is getting bigger.

While CoinDeal is developing day by day, BitBay stagnates. According to Alexa, right now the exchange is at the 52,755th place. A month ago, the platform was over 6 thousands places higher.

BitBay also has difficulties with regulations. The platform is enlisted on the KNF (polish financial watchdog) warning list.

Even in terms of cryptocurrencies availability, CoinDeal is far better than BitBay. The second best trading platform offers only 26 digital coins.

On the podium, things are the same. Coinroom once again took third place. Of course, the exchange cannot compete with these two above. Coinroom is smaller, simpler, and very transparent. The market offers 22 cryptocurrencies.

Also, the platform isn’t very popular. Though Coinroom gained attention in the last month, it is still ranked very low (the 630,194th place in the world).

Coinroom seems not to be doing too much to gain new users. While BitBay and CoinDeal are still particular close to their clients, Coinroom is passive. For instance, the platform’s Twitter account has been silent for over 5 weeks now.

The trading platform based in Łódź, Poland, is the youngest from all of the ranked exchanges (it is so young that even Alexa doesn’t track it). However, it has already gathered a lot of crypto owners. The exchange has started to operate in September 2018, but it offers 12 digital coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and several others. Coxi has at least one advantage over other platforms. It provides an offer with many ICO investments. The exchange has the potential to be one of the best in Europe. Still, there is a lot to do to achieve that.

The upswing of Coxi means the fall of BitMarket. Last month, the platform registered on Seychelles took the fourth spot. BitMarket has had difficulties with stability recently. Still, it is one of the biggest crypto exchanges with Polish roots. Right now, the platform enlists 6 cryptocurrencies.

As the charts show, the interest in BitMarket is still falling. Last month, the platform was ranked on the 204,929th place. Today, it is ranked on the 229,914th. If nothing changes, BitMarket will fall out of the ranking.

Almost made it

So close, but couldn’t make it. Our ranking includes the top 5 best exchanges with Polish roots, but we can’t forget about other platforms which for some reason didn’t enter the list. Here is a lineup of cryptocurrency exchanges, which almost entered our ranking:

Unfortunate ‘CoinBe case’

We have to mention CoinBe. This is an exchange, which a few months ago would be considered for the podium of the ranking. Recently, shocking news has come out. As it turns out, the platform has had problems from months. There aren’t any withdrawals available. Users complained through Social Media, that they couldn’t take their assets from the platform. Dario Fryc, the owner of CoinBe, released a statement a few days ago, reassuring that withdrawals will be possible till the end of February. We don’t have any confirmation that CoinBe is reopened. On 1st March, CoinBe got enlisted on KNF warning list. We still don’t know enough to assess the whole case, but many crypto experts speculate that it is a kind of scam.

COINDEAL MALTA $11,035,714 29,304 37 NONE
BITBAY MALTA $4,607,043 52,755 26 KNF WARNING LIST

All Data from 4th March 2019, 02.30 PM (UTC+01:00:00)

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