Tron CEO Justin Sun Bringing in OKEx for Buffett Charity Dinner

Tron CEO Justin Sun Bringing in OKEx for Buffett Charity Dinner

Justin Sun, the 28-year old protégé, and founder of Tron is rolling out the big guns for his July 25 date with power investor Warren Buffet.

Sun, CEO and founder of Tron, won the charity dinner with Buffett – held annually to raise money for the San Francisco charity Glide – after a whopping $4.6 million bid.

But he’s not stopping there.

As the lunch date gets closer, he’s pulling the strings to ensure that the guests that accompany him to the dinner, to be held in San Francisco’s Bay Area, represent the cream of the crop, when it comes to blockchain, crypto and tech.

Big names

It’s been widely reported in the media that he’s bringing in Jack Ma, founder of global e-commerce superpower Alibaba, China’s $500 billion answer to Amazon, and who was his former mentor at Hupan University, where Sun graduated as the first “millennial” from the elite school for entrepreneurs.

He could also ask VitalikButerin, co-founder of Ethereum, if he would like to attend.

The two regular spar across the Twittersphere, and Ethereum, as the second biggest cryptocurrency by volume, brings serious clout to the table.

It’s also likely he brings in representation from cryptocurrency exchange, and rumors are circulating that he will invite someone from OKEx to attend.

The exchange is the world’s biggest by adjusted trading volume, according to Coinmarketcap, and serves millions of customers globally every day. Any executives from the exchange would be able to paint a clear picture of the crypto world to 88-year-old Buffett.

Learning curve

While Buffet has previously slated crypto and bitcoin as everything from a scam to “rat poison squared”, it appears he’s now on a learning curve with the tech surrounding blockchain, and may well be open to finding out more about it, and possibly investing in it in the future.

The charity lunch is an annual event. The tradition first started back in 2000, when the winning bidder paid just $25,000 to dine with the investor.

All of the proceeds raised go to help homeless people in the San Francisco area, and since the event began, more than $35 million has been raised by business leaders from around the world.

The event is traditionally held in New York City, but this year moves to Silicon Valley.

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