TRON VS ETH. Pros And Cons, Controversies And The Future

TRON VS ETH. Pros And Cons, Controversies And The Future

TRON versus ETH Pros and Cons, Controversies and The Future -

TRON and Ethereum are both very famous for the idea of smart contracts. The possible future cooperation, however, does not negate that the leader must be only one. Which one will it be?

Ethereum and its smart contracts

Ethereum (ETH), often called “Bitcoin 2.0”, is the second largest cryptocurrency in the world, created by Vitalik Buterin. It is best known for its innovative data exchange system – smart contracts. Intelligent contracts are a type of digital contracts stored in blockchains and based on the algorithm called “Ethash”.

Let’s say an intelligent contract is a form of application, thanks to which two contracting parties can conclude a transparent agreement on the principle of “If A does X, B will do Y”. This system can be used for automation of production, e-commerce payments, protection against counterfeit goods and many others. Many of the largest corporations, such as UBS, are interested in Vitalik Buterin’s project.

TRON – one of the most controversial crypto?

TRON is a very complicated project based on blockchain technology. The creators of TRON wanted to create a global world of free entertainment – movies, multimedia, applications and programs. This world is characterized by total decentralization, freedom, and no restrictions on the part of the largest corporations such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft or Facebook.

System leaders are to be elected in democratic votes by network users, which appears to be another element of decentralization. Access to multimedia data is enabled by smart contracts – a solution previously known from the Ethereum project.

The TRON system consists essentially of three planes. The first layer is a spatial protocol that collects data and processes it. The second layer is the application space, thanks to which there is no problem with integrating the wallet with the application. The whole plane is decentralized. The third layer is the core layer with the mechanism of consensus and DPoS.

So, what is controversial? First of all, the very first version of the project’s white paper was probably a plagiary. Secondly, the controversy also concerns the stock exchange valuation of the project. According to many, it is overestimated. For instance, Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum and Jed McCaleb, creator of Stellar, spoke negatively about the project.

TRON versus Eth – which one is going to win?

Comparing the two projects, it is easy to see that TRON has several more attractive parameters such as transaction fees or additional coin issuance. Recently announced cooperation between TRON and Ethereum in some way proves that both projects are valuable. And both gain price value for the last few months. However, for some fundamental analysis’ enthusiasts it will be Ethereum that wins the competition. Still, we cannot forget that Ethereum is widely known, has a very good reputation, and the second largest market capitalization.

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