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What Can We Buy With One Bitcoin?

What Can We Buy With One Bitcoin?

What Can We Buy With One Bitcoin? - Blockchain24.co

Bitcoin is the most commonly used digital currency in the world. With this token we can buy quantity of products and enjoy different services thanks to the companies that have decided to accept this digital currency as a payment.

What type of things we can buy? Continue reading and you will discover it!

If we go through internet we can see that we can buy high-end cars or even a house! Extremely surprising but true! It is clear that in order to buy yourself many things you need to have many bitcoins. But if we only have one? Is it possible buy something with just a bitcoin? Of course! In fact, many! At the time of writing this article, the bitcoin is at 8,078.70 dollars, which is just over 7000 euros. Therefore at this price we can acquire approximately a great variety of things!
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We make a list of products simple, at a good price and for all tastes and ages!

A sandwich, a croissant or a coffee! If you are a person who likes to go and take something in a bar or on a terrace, you know you have the option to pay in bitcoins. There are few places that offer it, but they exist! We can find them in some places like “Starbucks” or “Subways”.

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Are you a person who prefers having breakfast, lunch or dinner at home? Don’t worry because there is also the option to buy food and take it home, especially pizzas. For example at “Pizza.fr” platform or “PizzaForCoins”.

Do you like reading? It’s hard to find a bookstore where you can buy books and magazines for bitcoins. Still, there are some places. Probably the most well-known one is in Canada at the Simon Fraser University.

If you like culture there are more things accessible to you. Do you like the musicals? Would you like, for example, to see “The Lion King”, “Aladdin” or “Les Miserables”? You can buy the tickets for any performance with bitcoins on the platform “Theatre Direct” from the UK.

Are you thinking about summer holidays? There are many options for flights and accommodations that can be paid with bitcoins. You can find, for example, “Bitcoin.travel”, “Expedia” or “CheapAir”, so what are you waiting for book your holidays?

Dominoes, chess, puzzles… Are you a home-loving person? If you are a fan of board games, there are internet stores where you can find them and pay with bitcoins. This is the case, for example, of “Overstock”.

Do you prefer playing a video game on your computer? You have hundreds of options with “Microsoft” and “Dell” !

Computers, tablets… Any electronic product from Microsoft and Dell you can buy with the bitcoin currency.

Do you have to renovate your room? Or you need new furniture in the dining room? Or do you just want to buy your dinnerware? In the international company of interior design “Overstock” you can find all this type of product and buy them with bitcoins.

Now you know, there are hundreds of products to buy and we can see that there are more and more companies that accept this type of digital currency to pay for their products and services.

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