What is Electroneum (ETN) – Should You Invest?

What is Electroneum (ETN) – Should You Invest?

Electroneum is the first mobile-based cryptocurrency that allows users to mine directly from their mobile phones. This guide presents everything you need to know about ETN.


1. Introduction

2. How it Works

3. Electroneum Coin (ETN)

4. Is ETN Worth Investing?

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    Electroneum (ETN) is the first British digital currency created in September 2017 from bitcoin’s open source. The cryptocurrency combines a decentralized blockchain network with a mobile application to provide better accessibility to users.

    Cryptocurrencies can still be an intimidating investment for those who have never used them before. The technical knowledge and skills required to use cryptocurrencies have always been a barrier to its widespread adoption.

    In order to remove this barrier to crypto usability and adoption, electroneum has developed a mobile application which gives users direct access to the network and does not require any technical knowledge to use. 

    Electroneum’s direct mission is to create a cryptocurrency designed for mass adoption. The network aims to achieve this by offering the most user-friendly mobile wallet possible while also allowing people to mine from their mobile devices. Electroneum’s ultimate target market is the entire population of smartphone users – approximately 2.2 billion people. 

    The other markets Electroneum is focused on is gaming and gambling. According to its whitepaper, “The app-based Electroneum virtual currency exchange will allow gamers to transfer some of their hard work and time from one game to a new game by enabling them to monetize their “in-play” virtual currencies and take them with them into the real world”.

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