Young Guy Tortured by His Friends to Get His Crypt Wallet Password

Young Guy Tortured by His Friends to Get His Crypt Wallet Password

A complaint has been filed at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office recently. A group of rich young professionals in New York is facing an accusation from a member of their own circle for torturing him, in an effort to steal his cryptocurrency.

According to the complaint, Stephen Orso, 25, has allegedly demanded that Nicholas Truglia should provide him with his login for his crypto account. The group of friends went to drink and have fun, and after the victim was drunk, the criminal group seized the opportunity to break into his apartment and violently force him to reveal the secret keys to his wallet.

Obviously, he had to make some kind of pressure, so the man allegedly decided to put his head underwater in a bathtub and punched him in the stomach while throwing hot wax at their poor pal.

Surveillance video shows the crew leaving about two hours later, and David appears “to be concealing a rectangular object under his sweatshirt consistent with a laptop computer,” the papers allege.

Truglia, 27, told cops he woke up and realized his laptop, two mobile phones and a thumb drive containing his cryptocurrency account information were missing.

The accused are Orso, the son of a wealthy venture capitalist, and three pals, David Leica, 19, Steven Dorn, 29, and Chris David, 25.

Each of the defendants is charged with one count of second-degree burglary, on which their lawyers, Stacey Richman said that the accusations are false and that Truglia has withdrawn his complaints.

Richman claimed her clients were only “helping a person who had over-imbibed” get home safely.

She also commented on the media coverage that has scathed his clients, by saying, “It’s disappointing that our standard of journalism does not permit the innocent to have their day in court and slanders them upon accusation.”

Young Guy Tortured by His Friends to Get His Crypt Wallet Password

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