• August 23, 2022

Discover Berlin’s Web 3 community at the event “WEB3 ALLSTARS”

Discover Berlin’s Web 3 community at the event “WEB3 ALLSTARS”

Web 3 developers, enthusiasts and companies meet at the “WEB3 ALLSTARS– – the gratis Hosted by the NFT Club Berlin.

Participants will even have the opportunity to mine NFTs in real life through an NFT Photo Booth called Solfie and the Solana-based proof of attendance SOAP. And completely free of charge!

You may not know it yet, but Berlin is teeming with Web 3 artists, developers and crypto connoisseurs. It is home to some of the most prominent developers and thought leaders in the industry. The Web3 Allstars is the event that brings these people together.

By participating in the Web3 Allstars, viewers can take part in the exciting conversations, make connections and contribute to the ideas that will drive the cryptospace in Europe.

Web3 Allstars is launched by Germany’s largest NFT community: The NFT Club Berlin, who also invited other Berlin Web 3 communities to participate in the event. For example, the Crypto Girls Club organized a panel with incredible women from the Web3 section, as well as set up a special women’s networking section within the framework of the event.

Ntent is hosting an interactive art workshop and the founder of Metawalls will talk about the future of Web 3 communities. In addition to these opportunities, participants will be able to attend a series of lectures devoted to the history of Solana NFTs. Or how, for example, brands can enter the Web 3 and how Ultimate (Finance) develops consumer products suitable for the masses.

Chris Nagy is co-founder of the NFT Club Berlin:

“The effectiveness of getting in touch with others in real life is exponentially higher than the current, mostly online networking. In Web3 ecosystems, the speed of innovation is directly linked to the cooperation of people with each other. Through our community, we have seen the tremendous benefits of bringing people together in real life and networking face to face.”

The NFT Club Berlin has set itself the goal of closing the gaps between the scattered communities and uniting them under one roof in order to promote and accelerate the spread of Web 3 in Berlin and Germany.

A picture of the NFTClub Berlin

Accordingly, there will be the following activities during the event give:

  • Lively beer garden: Some of the best beers, bars and food trucks in Berlin.
  • NFT Photo Booth: Here you can capture moments with your new contacts.
  • Network: The aim of the event is to bring the Berlin Web 3 community together. The event was carefully designed to make it as easy as possible to establish high-quality contacts.
  • Speakers and presentations: Learn from some of the sharpest minds on the Web 3 and socialize with them. An extensive program with 15 speakers from various fields.
  • Local exhibition of the Urban Spree Gallery: Check out some of the best art the city has to offer.
  • Onboarding: Are you new to Web 3? Our experts will help you answer questions and even set up your first wallet.
  • SOAP: Solana Attendance Proof – Scan a QR code and receive an NFT as proof of participation directly into your wallet.

Where will the event take place?
The event will take place in the Urban Spree, one of the most important cultural centers of our beautiful city.
When will the event take place?
Wednesday, August 24, from 17 o’clock.
What do I have to do to participate?
As with all our previous events, the Participation is free of charge, but requires prior registration. To sign up for Web 3 Allstars, click on the link below.

You can find more information on the Telegram Channel.


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